A note about our website
  • We abide by the Health On the Net Foundation's initiative to improve the quality of the medical Internet.
  • This website's purpose and mission is intended to:
    • Support, not to replace, the relationship between the patient and the physician. 
    • The website is designed primarily for use by our patients but we realize the general public may benefit from any health information.  However, we encourage you to validate any information from our website with your personal physician.
    • The last purpose and mission is to provide physicians with resources with which to use an electronic medical record more efficiently with the idea of providing their patients more comprehensive medical care.
  • Please register as a patient if you have called us and we have given you the go ahead to do so.  In this way you can contact us securely and directly.  For issues about the functionality of the website, contact www.medfusion.net
  • We do not advertise on this website nor do we accept any funding from external sources for this website.
  • PRIVACY information regarding this website and your interactions while on this website are as follows:
    • Any information sent to us once you are registered as a patient (including email, email addresses, contact information and personal or medical information) while handled via 128 bit HIPAA compliant encryption is kept confidential and is NOT shared with any third parties.
    • Any visitor to the website has no information stored nor shared with any third party.
    • Cookies are only used in the Practice Partner End User Database for login purposes.  This portion of the website is protected with ColdFusion security.  The cookies are only temporary tokens to navigate in this portion of the website and are not stored.  Upon leaving this portion of the website, the tokens are automatically deleted through ColdFusion routines.
  • Our last full update of this website occurred on May 1, 2007

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