Diabetes Mellitus
  What follows are documents, videos and websites which should help you, the patient, (and your family) understand what diabetes mellitus is and how you can manage it better with your Skyline Family Practice team.

 Diabetes Overview 
 Diabetes - Your checklist to better health (What things you need to get done!) 
 Controlling Your Glucose (From Diagnosis to treatment - pdf) 
 Diabetes Medications (includes oral and all injectable medications including insulin)
  Diabetes Food Care Checklist

 Food Diary 
 Exercise Journal 
 Weight Loss Chart 
 Glucose Monitor form (for keeping track of your glucose) 
 Worksheet to control your diabetes

 Diabetes Made Simple 
 Glucose Monitor Use 
 Insulin Injection 
 Using Insulin for Mealtime

 American Diabetes Association 
 National Diabetes Education Program 

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