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Skyline Family Practice featured in national magazine
  QR codes (Quick Response) codes are codes which can be used in patient care.  However, up until 2010 (when we started using them), these QR codes were not used to help in patient care (especially in the medical office). Skyline Family Practice is the first outpatient practice in the United States (and possibly the world) to use these codes for various functions in direct patient care.  This article explains the use of the QR codes and how they are used with smart phones.  Click on "LINK" to go directly to the article or... USE your smart phone to directly go to the online article by scanning the QR code below.
Use your smart phone to link to the article
Over 50% of households in the U.S. have smart phones (or iPods or iPads and other tablets) that have the capability of reading QR codes.  If you are in seeing us, ask the doctors to demonstrate the use for you and then scan the QR code created.   The 'apps'(applications) on the various devices we recommend are as follows:
  • iPhones/iPods/iPads - QRafter
  • Android phones/tablets - QR Droid
  • Blackberry - QR code Scanner PRO
  • Windows phones - NeoReader
We are excited (and our patients who've scanned the QR codes).  We encourage you to get the apps on your device and get 'engaged' with your care even more than you are now!