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News and Events

We have again won an award for doing research.

Please click on the slide show below for more information.


  • Welcome our new NP's We now will have 3 nurse practitioners - please read more
    (posted: 03/17/2019)
  • Zika Virus - Important information Go to the link to read move about the ZIKA Virus
    (posted: 01/30/2016)
  • A new benefit for Medicare patients Chronic Care Management is a new benefit - click here to see the video on this new benefit for Medicare beneficiaries with chronic chronic conditions
    (posted: 12/28/2014)
  • Participate in a Lifestyle Choice study. A chance to participate in a study that includes you as a Skyline Family Practice patient. You can even be paid for your participation - click to read more ...
    (posted: 11/11/2014)
  • Influenza vaccines and hydrocodone Read about 2 important updates

    (posted: 09/30/2014)
  • VHSL SPORTS PHYSICALS FOR 2014-15 SCHOOL YEAR -- May 10, 2014 -- Warren Memorial Hospital

    Details on the Physicals with a link to the form you need are noted in the body of the post above.  Please click and read!

    (posted: 03/30/2009)
  • Health Care Reform Good explanatory video on Health Care Reform by Kaiser
    Family Foundation

    (posted: 07/31/2013)
  • SFP wins national quality award

    (posted: 09/08/2012)
  • Skyline Family Practice featured in national magazine Skyline Family Practice is featured in a June 25, 2012 article in Medical Economics.  Read on...

    (posted: 07/09/2012)
  • Weight Of The Nation Institue of Medicine Webpage for the HBO Series - "Weight of the Nation" - to go more info for the actual website info

    (posted: 05/23/2012)
  • Must Watch Video on Childhood Immunizations

    If you are a parent contemplating childhood vaccination, you must watch this video with useful information.

    Much information floats around in conversations, the media and the internet on vaccination.



    (posted: 02/03/2011)

    As you probably know, the physicians and staff are actively involved with research regarding your medication safety.  We've been able to help many of our patients with making their medications even safer.  To that end, we want you to consider using

    (posted: 09/20/2009)
  • Skyline Family Practice to participate in medication safety research

     - our practice will participate in a national project to improve your medication safety!!

     - Further information on this study

    (posted: 04/06/2008)
  • Information on plastics and your child
     -  Video section by environmental pediatrician on plastics and exposures to your child

    (posted: 04/19/2008)
  • MRSA - Methicillin Resistant Staph Info from CDC on MRSA with link to CDC

    (posted: 10/19/2007)
  • Screen For Life Campaign

    Colorectal Cancer Screening should be an important part of your life.  Click on the link to see why the CDC, Medicare and Health and Human Services believes this is an important thing to do!

    (posted: 11/19/2006)
  • Information on Stroke -- Go to Patient Education in NEUROLOGY/PSYCHIATRY and see a great video on how to care for the stroke victim and cope as a caregiver.

    (posted: 01/22/2006)
  • Warren Memorial Hospital Sharps Program

    A free much needed service is being provided by WMH

    (posted: 07/10/2005)
  • Online Resources for your kids health

    NIH recently launched a national public education program designed to help families adopt healthier lifestyles. Titled "We Can!" ("Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition!"), the program targets parents and caregivers of children ages 8 to 13.

    (posted: 06/16/2005)
  • Medicare Drug Card for Seniors

    The Medicare Drug Card is available to help decrease the cost of medications.  See the link for more details!   You can also go to another site (link below) which will help you sign up for these benefits.

    PCA Card

    (posted: 05/14/2004)